Bridges and Drainage Structures

Footnote Consults leverages the latest design software in design and modeling of bridges and other hydraulic structures to meet the latest needs for sustainable infrastructure.

Residential & Commercial Building Architecture

We fully understand that the first step involved in the construction is the drawn design of the desired idea to be put in place.

At Footnote Consults we provide Architecture modelling of the percived idea using the latest softwares and designs and also using an experienced team.

Real estate development & Landscaping

We have been able to undertake design and build projects within the four spheres of the country and our client centered project managers are receptive to change requests that are evaluated for the betterment of the functionality and satisfaction of our clients. We offer advice on phased construction for effective project funding.

Project management and contract documentation

As Footnote Consults, we fully understand all facets of the paper work and documentation involved in the perspective of the construction process,

Electrical and plumbing system installation

We offer design and installation packages for commercial and residential lighting systems, HV-AC maintenance and Plumbing system installation and maintenance.

Highway & Transportation Engineering.

The Highway and Transportation Engineering Department provides Road Design, Costing and Supervision Services, Traffic impact and assessment studies, Parking design and construction supervision and Infrastructure Entry and Exit Design and configuration.

Material & Geotechnical Investigations

We carry out professional investigation of solis and material for roads and building construction, Feasibility studies for roads, bridges and building structures ,Pavement structure evaluation using National and International standards.